You may gain membership into our group using 2 methods.

Method 1: You come to an event! Upon attending your first event with our group, you automatically become a member and are, therefore, given all the rights as a full standing active member.


Method 2: 1 time donation. Since many of us are hard working professionals, your schedule may not allow time for you to make it to a particular event....But you want to join so bad!!! This option is for you.

Tryst Membership Induction- $75.00 (click on the PayPal option below) (upon receiving payment, you will be granted the rights and privileges of a full standing member. **Party donation still required for events**)

PLEASE NOTE- every event attended will have a door donation associated to it. (Members have lowered donations)

Below are typical examples of door donations for non-members:

Single males: $130.00-$200.00

Single females:  $20.00

Couples: $75.00-$100.00

Ready to Be a Member?

Why should I become a member?

Membership comes with the following added benefits:

  • Discounted rates/donations to events
  • Access to "member only events"
  • Access to Member Only Yahoo Group
  • Entry into contest and prizes with group members
  • Monthly Specials on events
  • Access to private contact information for performers
  • 1-on-1 access with performers
  • Opportunity to Join Loyalty Program for prizes and rewards!!!

Ready to be a member?  Sign up for a party at the Contact Us page, or click on the PayPal link below to take advantage of the Membership Induction Special.

                      Tryst Membership Induction-$75.00

(upon completing your transaction, in the "notes" section, leave a phone number so that we may text you to confirm your subscription/membership with our group.)

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