All guest are to abide by the rules below. Failure to do so will result in

     your removal from our event.

     1. We are a "Safe" group, meaning we use condoms for everything,

         unless specified by a female guest (cum in mouth, on body, etc).  Always

         use a fresh condom when playing with a new guest. 

     2.  No really means No! The ladies have the final say in their

          playtime experience with you.

     3.  Be respectful to all guest in your speech and actions.


     4.  Come to events with excellent hygiene. A lady will instruct you

          to use our bathroom facilities in the event you are not up to standards.

     5. No weapons of any kind are allowed on the premises. PERIOD.

     6. No drugs are allowed on site. Do your drug of choice before entering.

     7. Clean up after yourselves when finished playing. Condoms and cups

         should be placed in trash bags,

     8. When dealing with a Couple- Introduce yourself to the male counterpart

          first. He will be the one who give his date permission to play with you.

    9. All play must be done in the "play area". There will be no "play" in the